Instinct Or Intuition?

Instinct is an automatic thing, which makes it an expression of programming. The logic barrier is the protective mechanism between your conscious mind and your subconscious. We build this as one of the first structures of our personality in this life. It is built by those around us and our interaction with them. It is… Continue reading Instinct Or Intuition?

Slave Species Of The Gods

I have considered that man is a project at University. What if however you think of the project in far less human focused terms. You might reach another conclusion. If we were created as a slave species for the express purpose of mining, refining and stockpiling gold, it makes a little bit more sense. Assume… Continue reading Slave Species Of The Gods

Educational Equivalence

There are basically three levels to a “Mystery School”, like primary, secondary and post-secondary schools (wonder where they got the pattern?) The primary level of the Mystery School is the Initiates. They are taught the foundation “stories” in order to preserve them and pass them down. These are the allegories taught as fact. Different instances… Continue reading Educational Equivalence

What the Hell?

The Christian explanation about hell is that God does not send people to hell because God created us with free will, and we can either accept or reject his gracious gift of salvation. In other words, according to this explanation, we send ourselves to hell by the use of our God-given free will to reject… Continue reading What the Hell?

Mystery School

What is a “Mystery School”? A Mystery School is a place where knowledge is learned which is not readily available to just anybody. Some knowledge is kept out of common hands for safety’s sake. A Mystery School has basically three divisions. Enumerated these are: Initiates Adepts Masters Within these categories will be levels or degrees.… Continue reading Mystery School

The Turning

The Exoteric (outward, public, easily accessible) Christian Church did everything in its power to eradicate the Esoteric (private, little known) Christian Church. The culmination of this effort was seen in the burning of the library at Alexandria. It is said that the burning lasted six months, such was the volume of literature destroyed. All that… Continue reading The Turning

A Look At Chaos Magic

What is Chaos Magic? First we have to realize that in this topsy-turvy world, good is bad, wrong is right, up is down, weakness is strength and so forth. Let’s start with the words themselves. Chaos has been given a bad name. It is assumed by many to mean wild and disorganized. This is a… Continue reading A Look At Chaos Magic

Looking For A Savior

Picture and bulk of the bullets taken from a recent Facebook post by Sara Speer Selber with credit given to Riccardo Dablah Indians have been waiting for Kalki for 3,700 years. Buddhists have been waiting for Maitreya for 2,600 years. The Jews have been waiting for the Messiah for 2500 years. Christians have been waiting… Continue reading Looking For A Savior

The Few

The one who was opposed to man being created with intelligence and capacity to understand right from wrong was understandably upset at the unauthorized genetic upgrade the front line engineers did. “Who has told you you were naked?” The “heavenly” body of the creator species went to war with each other over this. The so… Continue reading The Few